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What's On


Orbost Club Hotel holds a few raffles throughout the week.

The Hotel holds a raffle on both Thursday and Friday with the draw being taken at 6:30PM each night. The Thursday raffle costs $5 while the Friday raffle costs $2. Orbost Club Hotel also holds a raffle on Sunday which is drawn at 1:15PM and costs $5.


If you like Trivial Pursuit, Jeopardy or Family Feud, chances are you'll love our trivia too! With questions ranging across a number of subjects, they're sure to get the grey matter fired up. Come join us at 7PM on Monday and don't forget to bring your thinking caps.


Darts Competition

Bullzeye! Do you have the accuracy and sharp eyesight of an eagle? Swing by each Tuesday at 7:00PM and join in.


Pool Competition

Are you interested in watching some amazing pool skills? Come down to the Club every Wednesday at 7:30PM and watch teams play it out.

Pool Competition Draw


The Menu

Orbost Club Hotel has made some exciting new change to its menu. With a young aspiring chef moving into town with his partner, we are excited to be making some changes to the food scene within Orbost. Bringing great food at affordable prices, we're sure you'll be blown away.

Join us in a meal, be that lunch or dinner, and experience the taste of Orbost in a rustic old style pub.

Thai beef salad with cashews
Carlton Draught beer on tap
Prawn twisters


The hotel has 21 rooms which will suit either single, twin, triple, double or even a small family. All rooms share a common room with television and tea making facilities. All rooms also share bathroom facilities which makes this Orbost hotel one of the most unique yet adventurous accommodation experiences you'll ever have.

All of the rooms are always kept clean and tidy with a council inspection in April 2016 stating that it was above average pub accommodation. With fresh pillows placed on every bed in early 2016 you're sure to get a good nights sleep. We provide the ideal accommodation in Orbost for the traveller passing through or staying a few nights looking for affordable accommodation.

Photo of a twin room at Orbost accommodation

Affordable Rooms

The hotel has 21 rooms which almost guarantees that there will be a place for you to stay. While the rooms may be a bit on the small side, we can assure you that they are always kept clean and tidy.

Motorcycles parked in secure parking

Motorcycle Friendly

At the back of the beer garden is an enclosed area that allows motorcycles and bicycles to be stored overnight for increased security. Orbost is a quiet town with vehicle theft not being a problem, but this extra area is locked up at night so you can have peace of mind during your stay.

Great Facilities

With 21 rooms, a shared common room and bathroom facilities we're sure you'll be pleased with how affordable and practical our accommodation is. Our accommodation is definitely unique in Orbost and brings alot of character and history with it.

Our Story

A Bit About Orbost

“A traveller passing through this “City on the Snowy River” would say that it is a very small township indeed, as it is impossible to see beyond the main street on account of the bush and young trees in the cross streets and all vacant lots. After a few days and a look around a visitor finds that it is a fair sized and good business township. As you approach, you pass the butter factory, where thousands of gallons of milk are put through daily. A little further and Bomford's Club Hotel is before you. This is a two storey brick building, and is well known for its first class accommodation and consequently well patronised by the travelling public. At the other end of the town Dickson's Commonwealth Hotel does a good business, and is also a well known hostelry. Some fine places of business have been erected in the main street during the last few years, two of the most noticeable being C. Drevermann's and Saunders and Co. The Post Office, a handsome wood building, occupies a central situation, opposite the general store of Mr. G Temple. The roadway in the main street is rough and unformed and the growth of young trees in the side streets appears strange to a visitor. Some beautiful private residences may be seen here, and the demand for cottages far exceeds the supply. Building sites in the main street run from three to five pounds per foot. The river flats are spoken over as the best land in Victoria, and this report is fully justified by the appearance of the maize crops, despite the long dry spell of dry weather. You can drive for miles along the banks of the Snowy River and admire the rich flats, well stocked with dairy herds, fat bullocks and horses, and dotted with the handsome and comfortable residences of the fortunate owners. Roads lead from here to Club Terrace, Bendoc, Bonang and on into New South Wales via Delegate and Bombala.”

First published in the Delegate Argus and Border Post Saturday 10 March 1906 – Page 10.

Not much has changed by 2016.

The Old Club Hotel

“While on the subject of old hotels of Orbost, the first one built was the Club in 1885 an old wooden place on the corner built for J. A. Petersen of the Mitchell Hotel Bairnsdale, now known as the Victoria Hotel. Many people will remember Tom Maguire, a step­son of the late Mr. Petersen, who carried on the club Hotel Orbost for 5 or 6 years. Then the property came into the possession of Alfred Cooper, a Yorkshireman who purchased the freehold about 1890, pulled the building down and erected the present structure, not including the shops and bedrooms which were a later addition.

Every Sunday would find mine host Cooper, decked out in frock coat and tall hat. A very punctilious man, and, in his hotel, a stickler for decency, his frequent admonition being—“Now then boys! I treat you as gentlemen, and I expect you to behave as such!”

After Alf Cooper's time, came the late W. Gluth, father of Mr. J. Gluth of present day Orbost, and he carried on for a number of years.

Joe Bomford was the next Licensee, and the people now in their prime, have vivid recollections of some of the jovial boniface. He even tells tales of himself, but of that, let his historian enlighten.

Sam Stewart, who afterwards went to Marlo, reigned for a while until the late Mr. Harris took up the running at the Club. The hotel was still in the Cooper estate.

We are coming to more recent days. The late Tom Marshall followed, and while carrying on the Club he purchased the Commonwealth Hotel from Mrs. Dickson.

After Mr. Marshall's term, W. Archer, a son-in-law of Mr. Cooper took over the reigns. He married Miss Cooper, and Mrs. Copper at her death left the property to her daughter (Mrs W. Archer), who is alive.

Mrs. Archer disposed of the property to Harry Gardner, and all know how decently he and Mrs. Gardner have conducted the place since he purchased the freehold a few years ago for the sum of 15,000 pounds, through Mr. Henry and Messrs James and Bird.”

Originally published in the Gippsland Times Thursday 4 October 1934




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Orbost Club Hotel,
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